Organic Farming


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Organic farming is a production method that finds its originality in considering natural balances in both crop and livestock practices. Thus, it excludes the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides), GMOs, and limits the use of fertilizers.

Our community can withdraw a lot of benefits from organic farming: creating jobs and activities, preservation of soil quality, biodiversity, air and water. This method of farming allows experimenting full-scale innovative practices that respect the environment and are likely to be developed more widely in agriculture. Its processing methods favor the enhancement of natural characteristics of the products.


The European logo « Organic farming » (« Agriculture biologique” in French) is designed to help consumers identify organic products. His presence on the labels ensures compliance with the Regulation on organic agriculture in the European Union.


It can be applied on products that:

– Contain at least 95% of ingredients coming from organic production,

– Comply with the rules of the official system of control and certification,

– Have the name of the producer, the vendor and the name or code of the certification body.

The European logo, previously optional, became mandatory on July 2010 for the new labels of prepackaged foods. It is optional for imported products. In all cases, must appear near the indication of the place of farming of the agricultural raw materials composing the product: ‘ EU Agriculture ‘,’ non-EU Agriculture ‘or’ Agriculture EU / non-EU « with the possibility of mentioning the country, and the code number of the certification body.

The national and private logos may still be used:


Based on voluntary use, the brand AB allows professionals who want respecting the rules of use of specifically identify their products. It guides the consumer’s choice thanks to a quick visual recognition.

The AB brand is owned by the French Ministry of Agriculture, who defines the rules. It guarantees both:

– A food made up of at least 95% of ingredients from organic production, implementing agronomic and breeding practices that respect the natural balance of the environment and animal welfare,

– Compliance with the regulations in force in France,

– A certification placed under the control of an organization approved by the government, responding to the criteria of independence, impartiality, competence and efficiency as defined by the European standard EN 45011.

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