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Hello, Annalisa Guérin presents a documentary about Domain of coffee trees, images d’Emmanuel Dinh. Let’s have a llok on youtube, here.

Martine and Mongi will welcome you in their organic farm, located at 1000 m above sea level in Bois de Nèfles Saint-Paul. You will visit their fields of Laurina Pointu de Bourbon coffee trees, their aromatic and medicinal plants, and share a nature-centered meal made with their own products. Both adults and children should be happy to rediscover nature and farm life in this green environment.

Visits are scheduled on Monday morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. They last 1h30. On Sunday it begins at 10 am. Call 0692 29 30 33 to schedule a visit. See you soon!


Order our coffee Laurina Pointu (coffea Arabica borbonica) online, the only coffee certified organic in France so far. We propose coffee beans, ground coffee or raw coffee, as well as batches of 10 seeds.



for picking Bourbon Pointu coffee, from September to January according to your availability.

We offer:
Sharing a meal, as well as friendliness, recreation, and the discovery of a unique coffee in our organic farm, located at Saint-Paul, 1000 m high above sea level. Call Martine at +262 692 29 30 33.

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